300 x 300 mm Murano glass mosaic produced on a porcelain tile base. With 75 contemporary colours and 16 formats, Matrix glass has a total of 1200 individual combinations to choose from. Matrix is made on a porcelain tile ensuring straight, square and uniform installation.
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Our Matrix Designs
14X14MM (FORMAT 01)
25X25MM (FORMAT 02)
50X14MM (FORMAT 03)
50X25MM (FORMAT 04)
50X50MM (FORMAT 05)
100X14MM (FORMAT 06)
100X25MM (FORMAT 07)
100X50MM (FORMAT 08)
100X100MM (FORMAT 09)
150X14MM (FORMAT 10)
300X14MM (FORMAT 11)
300X25MM (FORMAT 12)
300X50MM (FORMAT 13)
300X100MM (FORMAT 14)
150X25MM (FORMAT 15)
300X300MM (FORMAT 16)
Our Matrix Colourways